Welcome to The Societas Trust

CEO’s Report on Progress at the Half Year Stage

(February 2018)

The work of the Trust and its academies to achieve our shared vision and strategic aims continues at a very good pace.  The various working groups and networks linked to achieving the priorities of the Trust’s Education Plan, each one led by one of our heads or deputy heads, have all met at least once this academic year, and gave their feedback and recommendations to the Executive Board on 8 February.  Those recommendations will now be taken forward to the Education Committee on 27th March 2018.

A brief reminder of what our shared vision and aims are as a Trust:


To create a sustainable, professional community where all learners are valued and encouraged to achieve their potential, and all individuals are respected.”


  • To improve educational standards for all children;
  • To achieve operational efficiencies through economies of scale;
  • To increase flexibility of human resources;
  • To improve potential for the retention of staff;
  • To increase opportunity for continuing professional development;
  • To establish succession planning programmes for all leaders;
  • To provide peer to peer support and challenge;
  • To enhance sustainability to maintain the pace of school improvement;
  • To strengthen relationships between diverse communities;
  • To further embed a celebration of diversity and mutual respect.

Improving governance is a key priority for the Trust, and with this in mind, the first meeting of the Chairs’ Group with me took place on Valentine’s Day.  This was an incredibly positive meeting with many ideas on ways we can strengthen governance across the Trust through Trust led training opportunities for all governors and further information sharing and collaboration.

The wellbeing of staff and children is another key priority and a new working group has been established under the leadership of Rob Shenton to help steer the Trust to embed and sustain a culture that has the wellbeing of all our stakeholders at its very heart.

The children from across all 5 academies continue to collaborate and flourish, working together on joint projects such as the Shakespeare Festival at the New Vic and the Ceramics Project; and our RUGS continue to work hard “to inspire exiting development strategies for learning for every child across the MAT”.

In conclusion, I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the sheer determination of all staff, governors, children and wider communities to work hard together to make our shared vision become a reality.

Jon Lovatt