Queen’s Passing

Societas Trust pupils pay tribute to ‘remarkable’ Queen Elizabeth II

Societas Trust pupils have paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II following her passing earlier this year.

Children at schools across the Trust took part in a range of activities to commemorate the Queen’s life and service and reflect on her legacy

These included school assemblies and creating artwork and condolence cards with symbols associated with the Queen such as corgis, crowns and the union flag.

At Alsagers Bank Primary, pupils watched live television news coverage.

They saw King Charles III meet crowds outside Buckingham Palace after the announcement of the Queen’s passing on September 8th, 2022.

Miles and Freya said: “We listened to the news reports and learned a lot about the Queen and her family. It was interesting but sad.”

 “We had a visit to school from the local vicar who held an assembly to honour the Queen. He told us that she had 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren!

 “Some other facts were that she never went to university, she worked 40 hours a week and even though she was the Queen, she could rebuild an engine! What a lady!”

 At Ash Green Primary, the children wore blue and ate peaches and strawberries, believed to be the Queen’s favourite colour and dessert.

There are three classroom walls at the school which are dedicated to the Queen. They are filled with drawings, pictures and a brightly coloured crown created from 450 paper flowers.

Katie and Esme said: “The Queen was a remarkable woman and achieved lots. She was the longest reigning monarch in history.

 “It is very emotional to know that she is not here with us but she will forever be in our hearts. On the bright side, we have all got a new beginning with our new monarch.”

Carmountside Primary pupils held a whole school assembly and watched live television coverage of some of the national mourning events in their classes.

They created poster timelines of the Queen’s life and Andy Warhol pop art inspired portraits and commemorative stamps.

The children shared their memories and notable recollections included the Queen tapping her spoon with Paddington Bear and being with her corgis.

At Ellison Primary Academy, children wrote poems and tributes in honour of the Queen. They created messages for the Royal Family as well as commemorative artwork.

Class 2D thanked the Queen for “inspiring us, thank you for being a leader…

Goldenhill Primary pupils learnt about the changes following the death of the Queen including the issuing of new coins and notes and stamps featuring King Charles III.

Pupils drew a portrait of the Queen with their art pencils. All of the portraits were then linked together for a memorial display placed outside the school.

The display received lots of positive comments from parents and other members of the local community.

Meanwhile, Summerbank Primary children created a wall of remembrance and printed tiles of famous icons related to the Queen and London.

Khalissa and Liam said: “We were all devastated to hear about the death of our dearest Queen but we decided to commemorate the Queen’s life.

“We began the week with a whole school assembly … about the Queen and the key events in her life, such as her coronation and how she served the country.

“The best part of the assembly was watching the video of the Queen with Paddington Bear! It will always be memorable.”

 “We will never forget how the Queen has served the country and we all thank her for all that she did!”

 Story credits: With thanks to all of the roving reporters across Societas Trust.

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