Policies and Procedures

The policies / procedures listed below are the current approved generic Trust versions.  Any sections highlighted in yellow are setting specific.  For the setting’s own version please visit their website.  To view, simply click on the link below:

Allergen and Anaphylaxis

Business Continuity Plan – Trust


Charges and Remissions

Code of Conduct for Governors

Code of Conduct


Confidential Reporting Policy*

Data Protection

Data Retention

Debt Recovery

Discretionary Leave*

Directors and Governors Allowances

Disciplinary Procedure*

Entitlement for Pupils with SEND


Family Leave*


Flexible Working*

Formal Meetings Procedure*

Freedom of Information

FoI Publication Schem

Grievance Procedure*

Health and Safety


Infection Control

Information Security

Investigation Procedure*

Live Streaming

Local Government Pension Scheme Discretions

Long Service Award

Medical Conditions

Mobile Phone and Photography

NQT Induction

Online Safety

Pay and Conditions*

Persistent or Vexatious Complainants

Professional Learning Framework

Pupil Attendance**

Recruitment and Selection

Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education

Remote Learning

Restrictive Physical Intervention

Restrictive Physical Intervention Incident Report

Risk Management

School Closures

Social Networking Protocol

Supporting Staff Attendance*

Teacher Appraisal*

Teacher Capability*

TU Recognition Agreement*

* Denotes policies and procedures reviewed on an annual cycle with the Trade Unions.

** Denotes policies and procedures individual academies can either adopt or adapt.