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The RUGS is the name for our MAT Student Council.  It stands for ‘Really Useful Generation Students’ Group.  Its membership is usually a boy and a girl from each of the settings within the Trust elected by their student community.  Their term of office is usually 2 years.  Members of the RUGS are also ambassadors for the Trust.  The Group meets at least once every term and is supported by our Deputy Head Teachers’ Group. The RUGS also act as roving reporters for the Trust – please go to ‘News Stories’ on the dropdown menu for their latest articles.

Their mission statement is – “To inspire development strategies for learning for every child in the MAT!”

The current membership is as follows:

  • Alsagers Bank -Riley Capey; Katie Allcock; Luke Mottram; Elsie Amos
  • Ash Green – Yara Hussein; Charlotte Clarke; Freddie Daw; Bobby Moorhouse
  • Carmountside – Jayden Smith; Jessica Sutton; Olivia Hannon; Lexie Littlejohn
  • Ellison – Willow Addis; Arthur Brierley; Ira Clarke; Tharuunika Thinagaran
  • Gladstone – Thea Edmundson; Jasmine Multani; Max Higgins; Keely Scourfield
  • Goldenhill – Amayah Malik; Ryder Housley; Darcy Newton; Imogen-Grace Routledge O’Neill
  • Summerbank – Maria Gheorghia; Aaron Wozny; Enas Darwesh; Ayaan Mohammed

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