RUGS Group

The RUGS is the name for our MAT Student Council.  It stands for ‘Really Useful Generation Students’ Group.  Its membership is (usually) a boy and a girl from each of the settings within the Trust elected by their own student communities.  Their term of office is 2 years.  Members of the RUGS are also ambassadors for the Trust.  The Group meets at least once every term and is supported by our Deputy Head Teachers’ Group.

The current membership is as follows:

  • Alsagers Bank – Freya Allcock and Miles Amison
  • Ash Green – Esme Warburton and Katie Sherlock
  • Carmountside – Poppy Edge and Oscar Carnell
  • Ellison – Sophie Rawlinson and Tyler Burton
  • Gladstone – Lucy Robinson and Dalton Edmondson
  • Goldenhill – Matilda English and Caleb Black
  • Summerbank – Khalissa Yahya and Liam Bourne

Their mission statement is – “To inspire development strategies for learning for every child in the MAT!”

These are some of their ideas for how to do this:

At their session together in November 2018, the children were asked to talk in groups with each other and the adults present about what it is that inspires us to work hard and learn great things.

Click the links below for the notes from each session, I’m certain you’ll find them very inspirational!

RUGS SESSION 12 November 2018 – What inspires us to learn?

RUGS SESSION 28 January 2019 – What are the key ingredients of an Inspirational Academy!

RUGS SESSION 21 June 2019 – Why are the Trust’s values important to us as individuals and to each setting?

RUGS SESSION 8 November 2019 – How do the values for each setting fit with the Trust’s values?

Simply click to view any of the documents listed below:

We are the RUGS

Images chosen to represent HQ learning

Questions for the Children’s Minister from the children of Societas

Response from the Children’s Minister

Feedback from the final meeting in 2017/2018 on 6 JULY 2018