Commonwealth Games

Societas Pupils enjoy their own version of the Commonwealth Games 2022

Pupils from across Societas Trust schools marked the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 by holding their own sports event earlier this year.

PE staff organised the Trust’s version of the Games at Stoke City Football Club’s Dome training ground.

Children enjoyed taking part in a range of sports including archery, athletics, badminton, cricket, hockey, netball and rugby at the event in July 2022.

Miles and Freya at Alsager’s Bank Primary explained: “At the start, there were flags on the floor and the groups had to pick up the correct one and then parade around the Dome listening to the national anthem of their chosen country.

“It was great to see our school and other schools working together. We are like a real family!” Riley added: “This was one of the best days EVER!”

Ash Green Primary pupils Katie and Esme agreed. They said: “Everyone had a great time. It was a great thing to do as everyone got to meet and take part in lots of fun, exciting activities. We also got to meet all the other people from different schools.”

Carmountside Primary children also had a great day. They said: “We enjoyed our time in the Dome including the procession with flags and national anthems. The range of sporting activities were great … including archery and cricket.

“It was great to mix with our Societas new friends. We also enjoyed conducting country research back at school and designing Commonwealth medals.”

Some pupils admitted they felt a little apprehensive initially but soon got into the spirit of the event and overcame their initial nerves.

Ellison Primary Academy pupil Tyler commented: “At first I was really nervous but after a while I really enjoyed participating in the event.”

One of the teachers at Gladstone Primary Academy said that it was very nice to see all of the school pupils enjoying themselves.

“The children were a credit to their schools and the Trust. It was great to see such positive sportsmanship and some amazing role models.”

Meanwhile, children at Goldenhill Primary, felt the Trust’s version, created by the PE leaders, was a good imitation of the real thing.

Matilda added: “It felt like the real Commonwealth Games because it had similar events. The sports arena gave it a realistic feeling as it was huge!

“We were all resilient and tried our best in every event, remembering that it is the taking part that counts. Everyone was shattered but it was an amazing day overall!”

Story credit: With thanks to all the roving reporters across Societas Trust.

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