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The Societas Trust is committed to developing mutually beneficial, local partnerships with individual settings and other Multi Academy Trusts. 

Effective collaboration can create purposeful and impactful partnerships that lead to improvements in children’s outcomes and effective use of resources.  We believe that meaningful collaboration can have a valuable impact upon our trust's self-improving school system, enabling us to:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of our own settings;

  • Generate a culture of ongoing challenge and support between professionals;

  • Reflect on relevant research and evidence;

  • Share professional perspectives;

  • Develop leadership;

  • Deploy people with the right expertise strategically to achieve improvements;

  • Work together towards identifying solutions to common challenges;

  • Ensure financial viability and sustainability (allowing cost-effective services to settings, maximising resources to increase the quality of provision);

  • Foster an inspiring and collective vision for the local area and the education system as a whole.

Our plans for growth are to work in collaboration with like-minded organisations, including both ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ academies/schools, whilst also developing our capacity to support those schools that require additional capacity to improve outcomes for learners.

MAT to MAT Project 

Our MAT to MAT project was established during the height of the Pandemic and has been developed in conjunction with Worcester University.  It is essentially a Peer to Peer supportive process involving school leaders of fourteen schools from across three Academy Trusts in North Staffordshire.  The process is school led and not linked to any other school improvement processes.  Leaders have found this process extremely supportive and developmental.  Please see the independent review of the process below.